What's an FC2 blog?

What's an FC2 blog?
01 /01 2037
FC2 Blog (http://blog.fc2.com/)

A blog is a tool where you can easily save and display documents, articles etc. onto the internet and is short for "Weblog".

Anyone can start their own highly-efficient, super functional blog with FC2 in an instant.


FC2 Blog Features:
  • Full of features and easy to use
  • Customize all you want! Plenty of templates to choose from
  • Lots of fun, useful tools
  • Keep in touch with friends and other users
  • Top level safety measures as well as excellent spam and trouble post prevention measures in place

How about making your own FC2 blog?

To start your new blog:
You do not need any special software to run your blog or adjust settings. You can make changes to your blog from anywhere, as long as you have access to the internet and a machine to display it such as a computer, smart phone or tablet.

All operations can be performed in the browser of your choice such as Internet Explorer, Safari or Firefox. All data is handled on the internet so you can access or update your blog not only from your home computer, but also an internet cafe or hotel computer as well as a smartphone or mobile terminal when you are out.

*When using a public or shared computer to access your blog make sure that you log out and that you take the necessary measures to prevent your account from being used without your permission.

Specifications and further details can be accessed below:
>Blog structure and layout
>FC2 Blog specifications and what can be done

FC2 Blog Manual

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