About RSS

About RSS
11 /14 2014
The following are the 5 types of RSS broadcast on FC2 Blog. Addresses vary but ?xml is added to the blog's URL, for example, in the case of the URL for the FC2 information blog:
e.g. http://fc2information.blog.fc2.com/?xml

Top PageBLOG URL/?xml
Latest CommentBLOG URL/?xml&comment
Latest TrackbackBLOG URL/?xml&trackback
Each CategoryBLOG URL/?xml&category
Each User tagBLOG URL/?xml&utag

Confirming Your Blog's RSS Address

To confirm your RSS address click on Notifications in the Home menu on the blog control panel. There will be an RSS icon at the top right of the page, this will be where you can confirm your RSS address, just click on either New Entries, Category, Comments or Trackbacks.



Category / UserTag RSS Confirmation

- Settings > Category
Click on the orange RSS icon to open the RSS page and confirm the tag.

Display RSS Links for Visitors

Readers of a blog that would like to register it to their RSS reader will first need to be able to access the RSS address. They can use the RSS reader function to detect the feed on the opened page, but if the RSS for comments and trackbacks are displayed it is easier for the visitor to register your blog. You can display 3 types of address by changing the appropriate settings in the Display RSS Link plugin.


What is RSS Used For?

By registering to the RSS reader of your favourite blog, etc. updates made to that blog, etc. will automatically be displayed. The RSS reader function is attached to browsers such as Internet Explorer and Firefox and can be set up as shown below.

RSS stands for Rich Site Summary as well as RDF Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication and is the XML standard used to broadcast information including summaries of webpages. In the case of a blog, information such as new entries or comments will be broadcast.

Images such as the one below will appear in browsers that do not have an RSS reader such as Google Chrome.


RSS Settings

Go to Settings > Blog Settings >Entry Settings.


Here you can determine the number of entries to be broadcast on RSS as well as displaying a portion of an entry.
*If you choose to display a portion of an entry, your RSS number will be set to List of Latest Entries.

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