Using the My Shop Plugin

Using the My Shop Plugin
11 /12 2014
The My Shop plugin allows you to introduce popular products from Amazon on your blog. Instead of pasting products to your blog entries, the plugin will automatically update just by adding a product list to the My Shop plugin.

my shop
* My Shop Display image on a blog.

Adding the Plugin

Go to Plugin Settings > Add FC2 Plugin > and add the Useful Plugins.
*Click here to learn about how to add a plugin: Add a Plugin.

The three plugins are as follows:

1. List of new Amazon items (sort by newly arrived)

The "sort by newly arrived" plugin will display products in the same order as the product list made on My Shop, you will also be able to select the size of images that will be displayed in My Shop. To learn about product lists click: Register Products to My Shop.

2. List of Amazon items (sort by category)

If you use this product list, you can display Amazon products for each category set by you. While only 10 items max will be displayed with the "sort by newly arrived" plugin, you can display more items with this plugin. For example, you can display up to 30 products by displaying 10 items for each of the 3 categories.
* Product classification must be carried out in the My Shop Management page accessible from the side menu.

3. Popular items on Amazon

* The popular items list is a list where the top selling Amazon products are automatically displayed.

Categories are in accordance with Amazon product classifications and cannot be added or changed. Different to My Shop, there is no need to add products, but if you are not a registered Amazon associate or set your ID, no sales will be added up for you.

Product Category Settings

1. Please go to My Shop Management > Category Settings.

2. Set Category Names

You can edit or delete a category name, registered products will not be removed even if a category is removed.

Setting Registered Products into Categories

Plugin Variables: <!--newamazon--> <!--/newamazon-->

Variable NameVariable Function
<%newamazon_title>Product Title
<%newamazon_asin> Product ID
<%newamazon_author> Author
<%blog_id>Display Blog ID
<%newamazon_date>Release Date
<%newamazon_imageurl>Image URL
<%newamazon_simage> Image URL Small
<%newamazon_mimage>Image URL Medium
<%amazon_id>Affiliate ID

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