What is Blomaga Affiliate?

Blomaga Affiliate
03 /16 2015
Blomaga Affiliate is a system that gives users the ability to earn rewards for introducing Blomagas on their own blogs, webpages or even Social Networks.

Blomaga Creator Settings

All Blomaga Creators can set the rewards for affiliates that introduce their content to new users.
These settings can be found from [Settings] > [Blog Settings] > [Blomaga Settings] > [Blomaga Affiliate Settings].

  • The "Reward Rate" Setting
    This setting can be set anywhere between 10% and 50%. This is the cut of the sale that will go to the user that introduced the Blomaga content.

    For example, if a user introduces a Blomaga selling for 1000 yen, and the rate is set to 20%, the introducer will receive 200 yen.

  • The "Recurring Rewards" Setting
    This setting determines whether or not the introducing user will receive an award for only the first purchase, or whether the rewards will continue for each automatic charge.

** Please note, once these settings have been set, they cannot be changed again for 3 months.

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