Purchasing Magablos

Magablo Purchases
03 /13 2015
After finding a Magablo you wish to purchase, click on "Purchase Magablo".

  • To purchase a Monthly Magablo, which will give you the right to read all Magablo articles in the month you purchased, simply check the specific month(s) which you would like to purchase, and click the "Confirm Purchase" button. You can purchase multiple Montly Magablos in one purchase.

  • To purchase a single Standalone Magablo, all you need to do is click the "Purchase this Magablo" button.

Making a Payment

If you already have an FC2ID, please enter your email address to login.
If you enter an email address not associated with an existing FC2ID, you will be guided to create one.

** Please note, you need a valid email address to create an FC2ID. A confirmation email will be sent to your account.

Usually, your FC2ID will also need to have associated credit card information to make a purchase. However, it is possible to purchase Magablos with FC2 Points.

Managing Purchased Magablos

Purchased Magablos will appear on your FC2ID's top page.

** Please note, you cannot remove or refund any purchased Magablos.

Magablo Update Notification Settings

It's possible to receive notification emails about updates to purchased Magablos.
To turn off notifications, please enter your FC2ID settings page and select the option to turn off receiving notifications.

Automatic Payments

If you want to set your FC2ID to pay for a Monthly Magablo automatically, so that you don't need to manually purchase it every month, you can set automatica payment on from your FC2ID Magablo settings page.

Simply check the Magablos you wish to turn on Automatic Payment for and click the "Automize payments for checked items" button.

Canceling Automatic Payments

To cancel an automatic payment, simply check the Magablo's checkbox from your FC2ID Magablo settings page. Click the "Cancel checked items" button to cancel automatic payment.

Removing Magablos

Once you have purchased a Magablo, there is no way to remove it from your Magablo list. You will be able to view it indefinitely. The only thing you can do is cancel your FC2ID account. Please note this will remove all of your account information for any and all FC2 services linked to that FC2ID.

If you have automatic payments for any Monthly Magablo Compilations set when you cancel your FC2ID account, all Automatic Payment will be automatically disabled.

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