Entry Settings

Entry Settings
10 /28 2014
This article will outline settings that can be adjusted when an article is posted or edited including user tags, posting dates and accepting comments or trackbacks.

Entry Settings

The settings form is located at the bottom of the entry editing screen.

User Tag

A tag is the keyword for an entry and are used to find past entries. Tag words can be any word you want and you can set up to 10 tags per entry allowing for clear classification.
Enabling keyword link conversion will automatically send you to entries with the same words present as tags or words in the entry itself.

Entering a Tag
Entry tag

- Up to 10 tags allowed per each entry, be sure to leave a space between each tag word.

Change Post Date

Save Time (Current Time)
An entry's post time will automatically be set as the day it was written on. Entries that have been saved already have a record of when they were written. Even if saved entries are re-edited the post date will usually remain the same as the day it was first written on. If you want to save your entry and record the time each time you access it, select Post When Saved and save your entry.

The following are two possible scenarios where this feature is useful:

- You want to publicly post an entry that you saved several days ago.
- You have added to a past entry and would like to update the registration date to the current day.

Setting Your own Post Time (Schedule)


- Check Schedule and enter the date and time of your choice.

You can set the time your entry will be posted at, this date can be changed for entries that have been posted already as well.
Blog entries are all listed in the order that they were posted, thus if you want to change their order you must change the date they were posted.

Privacy Settings / Reserved Date

You can save drafts of entries that you are writing.
If you save an entry that was originally public as a draft you can hide the entry without deleting it.

Post Privacy
Entries saved as Public will be added to your blog.
Entries saved as Drafts will be saved onto the control panel and will not be displayed on your blog.
Post time will recorded as the time the draft was saved, therefore if you want to change the post time to the current date when you publicise an entry please be sure to change the Post When Saved setting.

Reserved Date (Timed Post)
If you use the Reserved Date function, the entry will be posted on the designated date. However, the Limited button allows you to set the period an entry will be public for, after which it will be saved as a draft and hidden from your blog.

Setting a Reserved Date

schedule time

Please be sure to click on Schedule, then enter the date of your choice. Be aware that post times set only a few minutes ahead may not be properly recognised.

If a post date has been reserved, it should say so next to the entry in the entry list.


Limit Viewing Access / Set Password

No Settings
You can set entries with limited viewing access to Public by changing the settings to None.

Limit Viewing Access
You can choose who will be able to see your entries. You can choose to limit an entry to a group of people such as your Blog Friends or choose to attach a password to it.


Automatic Line Break, Comments and Trackbacks, Update Notifications

*The settings form is located at the bottom of the Post Settings page.

Convert Line Breaks / HTML
You can choose whether to insert automatic line breaks or only activate HTML.
Turning on automatic convert line breaks will mean that line break tags (
)will be repeatedly inserted into the text window at regular intervals. If you have pasted adsense codes, etc. within the entry, issues may arise when (
)are automatically inserted. If you are having issues please choose HTML only.

Accepting Comments and Trackbacks
Here you can choose to accept comments or trackbacks for an entry.

Update Notices

By checking this item, entries that have been newly posted will be listed at the top of the New Entries list on your blog portal page.

Twitter Notifications

You can notify your friends of updates to your blog with by posting notifications to Twitter.
If you would like to enable this option please ensure that you have an active Twitter account.
Please be sure to check "How to Link to Twitter"

Notify Twitter of Blog Updates
If you post an article with the item checked, update entry will be tweeted to your designated Twitter account.

Here you can edit the notification that will posted to your Twitter.
* Default is <%title> <%url>.
* If an entry is saved as a draft, the item to notify Twitter will be cleared. Please be sure to check this item when you want to send a notification to your Twitter.

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