07 /25 2014
If you experience the following situation:
- Blog does not display.
- Sidebar or plugins on your blog does not display
- Plugins does not show up properly.
- Templates are not working properly.

1. Check the FAQs.

First please check the problem you're experiencing is can be solved in FAQs.

2. Check the Last Action That You Made

It may be resulted from what you did just before the problem.

The problem occurs after I posted an entry. -> Change the entry settings to "Draft"
*In the left menu click Past Entries > Edit > Entry settings: Draft > Save this entry.

The problem occurs after I edited HTML in an entry. -> Remove the HTML tags.

The problem occurs after I added a plugin -> Hide the plugin.
* In the left menu click Plugins and please remove the tick in the "display"checkbox.

3. Clear Cache on Your Browser

Even though you have corrected the problem, your blog does not display properly. In such case it may due to cache on your browser. Please clear the cache on your browser and access the latest ver. of the pages.

Please consult our FC2ID Manual about how to clear cache.

4. Server Maintenance

If you are unable to connect to FC2 Blog or some error occurs, it may be due to server maintenance or error.
Please check our Info Blog to see the latest information from FC2 Staff.

FC2 Blog Manual

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