Managing Uploaded Files

Managing Uploaded Files
08 /19 2014
You can manage your uploaded files through the (File Upload) page.

Search for a file 
Removing an uploaded file
Modifying the file name

Uploaded files are all displayed here.
Jpg, png, gif and other image files are displayed as small thumbnails.
Files other than images can be managed from this page as well.

Search for a file

10 items are displayed per page in the viewing table.
Having a large number of files makes searching difficult with paging, so instead you can refine your search through the All Files window.
Search targets are the file name and file explanation (title). Please type the appropriate text into the search bar.

You can also limit the search scope to file formats, date of upload or file size.

Refine your search using file types

Refine your search using file formats (extensions).

Sort with file name or date

You can sort the upload day, file size or file name in either ascending or descending order.
You can select several of the above search conditions. To begin your search, click [Search].

Removing an Uploaded File

You can totally erase a file that you have uploaded. After clicking on the X button a confirmation box will appear, please check accordingly.

A removed file cannot be restored by the server and must be re uploaded instead.

Dispose of more than one file at a time

You can erase more than one file at time by checking the box next to the items you want to erase.

You can select all items by clicking on the 「Select All」 button, or remove all checks by clicking on the 「Clear all selected」 button.

Files may be damaged or lost due to server faults.

Management cannot assure the storage of files so we ask that users to please either back-up important files or retain the original file.

Modifying the file name

Here we will show you how you can modify the file name and description.
Changing the file name also changes the link destination for the image.
Even with images already in use, if you do not change the link destination as well then the image will not display. (Link destinations do not automatically update)

Click on the [Rename] button.

After you have renamed the file click on the [Update] button.

Your file has now been renamed.

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