Preview an Entry

Preview an Entry
08 /25 2014
The following is an explanation of how to check your entry before saving it.

First off, there are 2 types of previews:

Checking the entry on the screen before saving it is called a Preview. For the purposes of checking your entry we have developed 2 preview methods: Preview and Real time preview.

Method: Preview
Content: The template that you are writing on will be displayed in another window where you can see everything you have entered right up until you clicked on the Preview button.

Method: Real time preview
Content: All written content will be displayed in real time. Each single character entered will be reflected in real time in the preview screen.
* There is no Real time preview available for Mac Safari browsers.



The Preview button is under the entry text input window, the Edit a Postscript window page as well as under the settings at the bottom of the page.
The buttons function the same for all three places.

Preview displays the current state of input in a separate window.
You can use it to grasp the entry as a whole and see how it is looking so far.

A new tab/window will open after clicking on the Preview button and display a page for the entry content that is being edited.
Template and plug in parts will also be displayed.

Real Time Preview


The entry and postscript will be displayed in real time in the window under the text input box.

The Real time preview allows you to confirm the input status of the entry and postscripts in real time.
Images and text decoration will also be displayed as they would be on the blog.
However, because each change is reflected in the preview box as it occurs the network may become logged leading to improper display.

You can turn the Real time preview off by clicking on the Close (x) link.

Keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+Z (undo) Ctrl+Y (redo) will not work if the Real time preview is set to On.
For those of you who want to use the keyboard shortcuts, please set Real time Preview to Off.

Realtime Preview Basic Settings

You can permanently turn Real time preview off as well, to do this go to Settings > Blog Settings > Post Settings - then select from the options to turn it off then click on Update.
You can also change the position of the display window with this menu too.

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