Make a Thread Theme

Make a Thread Theme
08 /26 2014
Provided there are no similar ones, you can make your own thread!

Things to check before you make a thread:

Threads that overlap become candidates for deletion, so be sure to thoroughly check that there are no other similar theme threads first!

1. Make a thread


Click on Write a New Entry > Go to Entry Settings at the bottom > Threads > Select a theme > Click on Create a thread and a new page will open.

2. Designate the genre of your new thread


Select the blog genre for your new thread.

3. Enter the title and explanation for your thread


Please make sure that the the thread title and genre match and that they don't overlap with other threads as you write in your title and explanation. In the explanation section write in what sort of entries you want to be posted to the thread.

4. Confirm added theme threads

Access the designated blog genre and check whether the thread has been added to the Hot Blog Topics section.


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