Edit Past Entries

Edit Past Entries
08 /21 2014

By clicking on [Past Entries] in the control panel all of your saved entries will be displayed.
You can open and edit each individual article or group them together and operate them.

-Viewing Past Entries

-Editing and deleting an article

-Collectively manage multiple entries

Viewing Past Entries

1. Setting the number of displayed entries
Entries appear in chronological order at 20 to a page. If there are more than one page of entries then you will be able to move between the pages by clicking on the page arrows.

You can change the number of entries displayed per page to 10/20/40/60/80 or 100 through the [Display number] button.

2. Choose your search settings
You can search for items by adding limiting the scope of the search to things such as Month, Category, User tag or Status as outlined in Box. 2 of the above picture.

You can choose to search for a past article by Month, Category, User tag or Status (Published, Restrict, Draft, Reserve, Limited) through each of the pull down tabs. Once you have selected your search conditions blog entries that fit the conditions will be displayed automatically.

3. Word search
You can search for past entries by entering words that have been used in the entries into Box No. 3 of the above picture. As long as the words are in the article title or content then the article will be displayed.

4. Altering the display format
You can alter the way an item is displayed in the following ways by clicking on #, Date, Title, Content/Reply as outlined in Box No.4 of the above picture.

  # > [Checkbox/Article No.]
  Date > [Date only/ Date and time]
  Title > Display part/ Display all
  Content/Reply > [Display one line of content/Display summary of content]

Editing and deleting an article

Editing a past article

5. Pic.5. First, confirm that it is the article you were looking for by clicking on the title (Pic.2, Box No.5) to open it in a separate window.

6. Editing an article
You can edit an article that has been saved by clicking on the Edit button.

7. Deleting an article
To delete an article click on the button in the article display screen. After you have clicked on the button a confirmation box will appear. Click OK to delete the saved article.

The number for the erased blog article will become blank (blog-entry-X.html).

Collectively manage multiple entries

8. Collectively erase multiple entries
You can collectively manage multiple entries by checking the boxes for the entries (Pic 2. Box No.8) and then clicking on the the necessary button at the bottom (Pic 2. Box No.9).

  [Select all] - Checks the boxes for all items on the page displayed.
  [Clear all selected] - Entries that have been selected will be un-selected.
  [Delete Selected] - Delete all Entries that have been checked.

Select multiple entries and manage them collectively.

As well as being able to delete multiple entries at collectively, you can also change the status of multiple entries too.

  Open > Draft
  Draft > Open
  Full > Limited
You can change categories too, as well as change trackback and comment statuses or add/remove user tags in entries.

Adding and removing user tags within entries.

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