Auxiliary Input Tools

Auxiliary Input Tools
12 /08 2014
You may have noticed that there are a bunch of tool icons lined up above the window where you write your entry.
We will explain the tools that decorate the text.


How to use the editing tools
Tool explanation

How to use the editing tools

The following is a list of how the text modifying tools are used most often.

1. To begin with though, click and drag the mouse pointer over the text you want to edit as seen in the picture below.


2. Once you click on a tool icon, HTML will be placed around the designated text.


Tool explanation

The following are explanations for each tool:

5-4.jpg-Change the colour you are using with this tool.
Inserted tag: < span style="color:#3366FF" >TEXT< /span >

5-5.jpg-Make font bigger with this tool.
Inserted tag: < span style="font-size:large" >TEXT< /span >

5-6.jpg-Make font slightly larger with this tool.
Inserted tag: < span-style="front-size:x-small" >TEXT< /span >

5-7.jpg-Make font smaller with this tool.
Inserted tag: < span style="font-size:x-small" >TEXT< /span >

5-8.jpg- Make text bold with this tool.
Inserted tag: < strong >TEXT< /strong >

5-9.jpg-Italicize text with this tool.
Inserted tag: < i> TEXT< /i >

5-10.jpg- Draw a line through the text with this tool.
Inserted tab: < s >TEXT< /s >

5-11.jpg- Underline text with this tool.
Inserted tag: < u >TEXT< /u >

5-12.jpg-This tool is used to show that certain text has been referenced from another source such as the internet or a magazine by surrounding it with a box.
Inserted tab: < blockquote >< p >Reference< /p >< /blockquote >

5-13.jpg-Draw horizontal lines above the designated text.
The line thickness is automatically set at 1, but the thickness can be changed manually with by number input.
Inserted tab: < hr size="1" >

5-14.jpg- This tool allows you to upload a file and insert it into your entry via a separate window.

5-15.jpg-Attach a link to your favourite website or link an article to your entry with this tool.
To make a select part of the text a link to a website, first designate the desired text then click on the URL icon. A new window will open where you can type in the URL.
Inserted tag: < a href="URL"target="_blank" > Text link < /a >


Type the URL into the Address section, if you choose to have the link opened in another window when it is clicked on the tag [target="_blank"] will be added to the HTML.

5-17.jpg-Links you to the Google Search Engine and any search results.

Clicking on this icon while text is selected will take you to Google and link you to the keyword search results. You can also enter keywords after clicking on the icon.

5-18.jpg-The Amazon My Shop Tool will take you to the My Shop where you can search for products associated with your entry and then paste the product's accompanying link to your entry.

5-19.jpg-The entity reference code will be entered for each individual < and >. -The < and > will be displayed as half-width inequality marks.
Inequality symbols in half width will still be treated as a HTML tag, and as they may not show up on the browser and need to be converted to an entity reference (character string). If you use half-width inequality symbols for emoticons, they will be deemed as tags and may not display so please use this tool to solve the problem.

5-20.jpg-Add emoticons to your entry.

5-21.jpg-Add pictures drawn in the Drawing Editor, for more click here

5-22.jpg-Add FC2 Videos to your entry. (link to come)

5-23.jpg-Use this tool to stretch or shrink the window you are writing your entry in.
Down is stretch and Up is shrink.


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