How to use the WYSIWYG Text Editor

WYSIWYG Text Editor
09 /04 2014

Any idea what WYSIWYG stands for? Don't worry, we will tell you. It is short for What You See Is What You Get.
In the entry edit screen there is a Real Time Preview function, but the WYSIWYG text editor turns the input window into it's own real time preview window.

* The Real Time Preview function will not work while the WYSIWYG editor is active.

Recommended Settings

We recommend the following settings to ensure the smooth operation of WYSIWYG text editor. As the WYSIWYG text editor is a multi-function tool, there may be cases where it won't run properly due to PC capabilities or the communications network.

Windows IE, Sleipnir, Firefox broadband
MAC OSX Firefox

How to open and close WYSIWYG


To access the WYSIWYG text editor, first open the blog entry screen. Then go to the toolbar above the text input window and click on the . To close the WYSIWYG text editor just click on the now gray .

WYSIWYG Text Editor Tools

8-3.jpg SourceDisplay source in a seperate window.
8-4.jpg PreviewPreview in a seperate window.
8-5.jpg  CutCut selected images or text.
8-6.jpg CopyCopy selected images or text.
8-7.jpg PastePaste images or text that have been cut or copied.
8-8.jpg Paste textPaste only selected text. (Colour and style will be reset).
8-9.jpg Paste Word Paste text directly from Word.
8-10.jpg UndoUndo previous action
8-11.jpg RedoRecover the last undone action
8-12.jpg FindFind characters and/or wordstrings.
8-13.jpg ReplaceSearch for and replace specific text.
8-14.jpg Select AllSelect all data within the entry editor.
8-15.jpg Remove formatRemove text affiliations such as colour, size etc.
8-16.jpg Font colorSpecify color for selected text. Select color from seperate window. TEXT
8-17.jpg Background ColorSpecify background color for selected text. Select color from color pallette in seperate window. TEXT
8-18.jpg Bold Make selected text bold. TEXT
8-19.jpg ItalicsItalicise selected text. TEXT
8-20.jpg UnderlineUnderline selected text. TEXT
8-21.jpg Strike ThroughStrike a line through selected text. TEXT
8-22.jpg Subscript Subscript selected text TEXT
8-23.jpg SuperscriptSuperscript selected text  TEXT 
8-24.jpg Insert/Remove numbered list Insert or remove a numbered list: The first item in your list will be numbered, after that press the enter key to enter the next nmber in the sequence. When you don't need the numbers anymore just click on the same tool button. 
  1. TEXT
  3. TEXT
  4. TEXT
8-25.jpg Insert/Remove bulleted listInsert or remove a bullet list: A dot will appear next to the first item in your list once you have pressed this tab. Pressing the enter key will start a new line with a dot. When you are finished click on the tab button again. 
  • TEXT
  • TEXT
  • TEXT
8-26.jpg Remove indentRemove indents.
8-27.jpg IndentMove selected piece of text to the right. 
8-28.jpg  Left justify Align selected text to the left. 
8-29.jpg Center justifyAlign text centrally
8-30.jpg Right justify Align text to the right 

8-31.jpg Block justifyAlign width of selected paragraph.  
8-32.jpg Insert/Edit linkAdd a link to selected text. A seperate window will open asking for URL once tab is clicked. Select URL and http:// then add the URL you want to use. To change source go to options.
8-33.jpgRemove linkRemove text with links attached with this tab.
8-34.jpg Insert/Edit anchor Insert an anchor (guide)
8-35.jpgSpecify font for selected text.
8-36.jpgSpecify size for selected text.
8-37.jpg Insert/Edit image
8-38.jpgInsert/Edit tableInsert or edit table. Select the number of columns and rows, table width, height, border size (thickness of border lines), cell's blank space spacing can be specified. Title will be added by adding text to the caption section.
8-39.jpgInsert horizontal lineInsert a horizontal line.
8-40.jpgInsert smiley Click to open window with emoji. Click on emoji to insert it. 
8-41.jpgInsert special character Umlauts etc. will be displayed. Click on special characters in the seperate window to add them to your blog. 
8-42.jpgAbout FCK editor Click on this to get more information on the above tools. Link is in English. 

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