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Edit Links
08 /22 2014
Add link plug-in
Add a link
Edit or delete a link

Add a link plugin

You must first add the link plug in in the plug in settings page.

1. Click on Plugins

2. Check to see if a link plugin exists.
Added plugins will be displayed here and you can confirm the presence of a [link] plugin.

3. If there isn't a plug in:
Go to Plugin >Add FC2 plugins > Basic Plugin > Link [Add]

Add a link

Go to Settings then click on Link.


To add a link enter the site name and URL and click on the Add button. You can set the link so that it will instantly appear in the existing link order by entering a corresponding number into the [Insert Position] box. You can change the position at any time. If you do not set the position though it will be added to the bottom.

*URLs can be up to 170 characters long.


Once all of the above has been done, the link will be added.
Please check your blog as well as the added link list to see if the link has been properly added.

Edit or delete a link

You can edit an added link by changing the name or URL then clicking on the Revise button.


*The following items are in order of how to edit and manage your links.

Check box
You can collectively edit multiple items by marking the corresponding check boxes. At the bottom of the display list you can select all items at once by clicking on Select All or you can un-select selected items by clicking on Clear All Selected.

Site name / URL
To edit the site name or URL, rewrite the necessary information into the corresponding box then click on the Revise button.

You can change the position of each link one at a time by clicking on either the down or up arrow. This order will be the order displayed in Plugin > Link.

Instead of moving each link one by one, you can transfer and set the display order of a group of links. Once you have entered the numbers for the display order click on Move.

Deleting a Link from the Control Panel

Go to Plugins > then click on Dtl. in the Link row > Custom Plugin Edit HTML> then remove the following from displayed tags.
 <a href="<%server_url>control.php"> Control </a>

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