Dealing with Trouble Posts

Dealing with Trouble Posts
09 /01 2014
This article will outline steps and measures that you can take to deal with unwanted comments or trackbacks.

- Block comments and trackbacks
- Set Restrictions
- Prohibit Rules and Regular Expressions
- Setting Banned Words (Regular Expressions)
- Block Viewing by Specific IPs

Restriction Settings

Block comments and trackbacks


First go to Settings > Blog Settings > Post Settings, then in the the Post settings find Accept comments? or Accept trackbacks? If you do not want to accept trackbacks or comments, please change either to No and click onUpdate.

Set Restrictions (IP/Host, Banned words)

Follow these instructions to block annoying or harassing comments or trackbacks.
To get to the Restriction Settings menu, click on Settings then click on Blog Settings to open the drag down menu and select on Restriction Settings.
*You can also access the Blacklist from Comments in the Home panel on the control screen.


Please press the Enter key between each IP and keyword that you want to ban when typing in the text box.
* If you do not press the enter key each entry will be recognized as one single entry.

An example of how to ban a host:

An example of how to ban a keyword:

Prohibit Rules and Regular Expressions

If you select Don't apply rules, contents with the specified characters will be blocked. But, if you select Apply rules you can block characters or words present in several patterns using detailed rules called Regular expressions.

(This function is equal to the PHP Regular Expression Method)

Examples of regular expressions that you can use:
  • .   Match any single character except for backslash]
  • *   Match zero or more of the preceding expression]
  • +  Match one or more of the preceding expression]
  • ?  Match zero or one of the preceding expression]
  • ^   Match strings from the beginning]
  • $  Match strings that end with given pattern]
  • \   Quart meta characters]

Ban IPs and Hosts (Using Regular Expressions)

Say, for example, that you want to block this IP - zzz.test.sunshine.com (zzz could be numbers of letters).
Then you type in .*\.test\sunshine\.com to block it.

Now all comments and trackbacks from xxx.test.sunshine.com will be blocked.

E.g. 2, now you want to block - ny123456.chicago.network,com or ny7777.chicago.net.com.
To block them just type ny[0-9]+\.chicago.

Even if the numbers are different, like they are in the examples above, as long as you keep one item to one line then you will prevent the function from failing due to an over-registration of blacklist items.

Setting Banned Words (Regular Expressions)

Say you want to block AAA, BB or Abc.

It is even easier, all you have to type is AAA|BB|Abc.

Block Viewing by Specific IPs

If you are getting unwanted comments from troublesome users you can prevent them from viewing your blog altogether.

First, let's find out the which IP we want to block.

1. Attach the FC2 Access Analysis service to your blog template. For more information click here
2. In the FC2 Access Analysis screen allow for viewer IP display.
* You may also be able to determine the IP by comparing the time posted and time the blog was accessed.

Block viewing by an IP

Go to Settings > Blog Settings > Blacklist settings, and you will find a box at the bottom titled Reject IP. Here you can enter the IP you want to block then click Update.


*There may be cases where the other party can access your blog if it is not a fixed IP.

Total access blockage is unfortunately impossible.

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