User Tags

User Tags
09 /03 2014
Learn how to master user tags here!! You can attach tags to key words and link with users who have done the same or search for tags in other blogs.
Access either Write a New Entry or Past Entries from the side menu in the control panel when you want to add, edit or delete tags from individual entries.

*You can only delete tags in the Edit User Tags page, you cannot add new tags or alter them.

How to add a tag
Automatically link keywords
Tag list
Delete multiple tags

User Tag

A tag is a keyword in your entry. It acts as a mark for when you search for the entry later. You can add up to 10 tags per entry so you perform even more detailed classification. If you set it so that keyword link conversions are effective, you will automatically be linked to the same tags in titles and in entries themselves.

How to Add a Tag

- Click on either Write a New Entry or Past Entries then find User Tags in the settings at the bottom.
*Please enter a space between each tag you want to add. You can add 10 tags per entry.
- By clicking on the tag candidates you can either add or remove them from the input section. Up to 10 used tags will appear.
-To make a string of words a single tag, link the words with an under bar ( _ ) instead of a space.
e.g. FC2 Blog will be registered as two tags.
> To make into one tag type: FC2_Blog

User tags1

Automatically Link Keywords

By clicking on the little box next to the tag entry box you will set the tags so that they become automatic links.
You will automatically be linked to the same words or characters as your tags in the titles or text of other entries.

user tags 2
*The underlined blue words are tag words and when clicked the user will be taken to a list of entries with the same tags.

Tag List

You can display tags that you have used in your blogs in a tag list.
Click on Plugin in the Settings menu, click on Add FC2 plugins then add User tag.
You can choose from three display settings; sort by count, sort randomly and sort by latest.

Delete multiple tags

Even though tags are attached to individual entries, you can delete multiple tags at the same time. Click on Edit User Tags to see what tags you have added to your entries. You can sort your sheet in orders here to including, alphabetical order or order used.

You can delete multiple icons in entries by clicking on the delete button (X).
Deleted tags cannot be restored.


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