Set Up Access Analysis

Set Up Access Analysis
09 /01 2014
Follow the four following steps to set up FC2 Access Analysis (FC2 Analyzer).

Register for FC2 Access Analyzer here

* To get to the Access Analyzer screen from the blog control panel.


Click on FC2ID in the top right of your blog control panel. Once in the FC2ID panel, click on the hammer icon next to FC2 Analyzer to reach the control panel.

1.Obtaining and Setting up the FC2 Analyzer HTML Tag

Log in to the FC2 Analyzer screen and click on settings in left menu, then click on FC2 Analyzer HTML tag.


Here you must copy the HTML tag that is displayed.
Copy everything from <!--[FC2 Analyzer] http://analyzer.fc2.com/--> to <!--[FC2 Analyzer] -->


Set it up in your FC2 Blog

Here we will explain how to set up the FC2 Analyzer in your blog.
Click on Template Settings in the FC2 Blog control panel, and click on the Edit tab next to the template that you are using.


Once the HTML is displayed, please paste the source you copied before immediately after the body. If you are having trouble locating <body> please paste the source above the </body> located towards the end of the HTML.
Now that you have attached the tag, check your blog to see if it is there.
You have successfully attached FC2 Analyzer if you can see the analyzer icon in either the upper right or upper left.

- Placing tag right after <body>


- Placing tag above </body>


2. Choose the Icon for the Analyzer

All actions from here on will be done through the FC2 Analyzer control panel. Make sure to check the Icon type box and choose an icon from the list.
Determine the display position and confirm it with the preview. Then, if you are happy with the positioning click on the Advertisements tab. You now have set your FC2 Analyzer icon.


*If you want to change from Social Analysis type to Icon type, please change over the FC2 Analyzer HTML attached to the blog.

3. Registering pages for Analyzer

Log in to the FC2 Analyzer page then click on Manage the Analyzer under Settings in the left hand menu.


Type in the URLs for pages you want to analyze then click on Add Page.
If the pages have been added to the [Register and Delete the Target Pages] list, then you have done everything right.


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