Setting up the FC2 Counter

Setting up the FC2 Counter
10 /22 2014

Login from the control panel.

Go the the FC2 Counter page here and click on the Login button. Then please enter your email and password registered for your FC2ID and click on Login.

The below is an image of the page that should display if you have successfully logged into the control panel.


Next click on "Settings" on the left hand side of the page, from here you can manage the settings for each of your counters.

How to access the Analysis control panel from the Blog control panel


Click on the FC2ID link in the top right hand of the blog control panel to move to the FC2ID control panel. By clicking on the hammer icon next to the counter, you will be taken the Analysis control panel.

You can attach this function through the plugin settings in the FC2 blog if you are using the public plugin counter.
*You can only attach it through the FC2 Blog.

Please change the counter settings through the counter control panel.

1. Login to the FC2 Blog control panel.

Next, click on Plugin Settings in the left menu.

2. Check to see if the template you are using supports the plugin by going to "PC Plugin" then to "Template".

If you can use it


If you can't


*You will not be able to use the counter if your template does not support the plugin. We suggest trying a new template before trying new plugins.

3.Click on Add FC2 Plugins.


4. Add FC2 Counter


5. After you have filled out the items, select between an access counter and online counter.

Once you have clicked "Add" you are finished.
*If you want to add both, please add two plugins.


*If you are attaching a plugin in the Free area:

You can add many blog tools with a template that supports the plugins such as counter and access analysis. You can also create a free area.

Adding a Free area

First click on Plugin Settings, then click on Add FC2 Plugins on the upper right side of the page. Under the block titled Basic Plugins, there will be a block called "Extended Plugins". Find "Free Area" in the Extended Plugins and click on "Add".


Once you have added a Free Area, you will be taken to the Free area Edit page, here you can add the counter tag that you received from the counter control panel. Once you have set the counter tag your counter will display.

You can set the positioning of your free area, please go to the plugin category and move the free area up and down with the up and down arrows.


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