User Information Settings

User Information Settings
08 /21 2014
In this article we will discuss how you can adjust user settings, before we get started though please open Settings on the control panel.

Items that you can change in user settings:

Contact Address

This is the email that was registered for the FC2ID which you use to manage your blog.
Please check out the FC2 Help Manual (FC2ID) to find out more about registering emails and other information.

Blog Name

A blog name is the title of the blog. It will automatically appear in the template as variables [%blog_name].

Blog Introduction

The Blog Introduction is one line explaining your blog, the maximum number of characters is 200. Tags are not effective. Your blog introduction will be output as variables [%introduction] in your template.

Display name

The Display name will be displayed as the name of your profile. Your display name will be output as variables (%author_name%) in your template.


The Genre is the field your blog is registered as belonging to. The Genre can be changed anytime after opening your account, except for Adult or Affiliates.

The rankings for each Genre displayed will be based on the Genre you have chosen.
You can also post to each individual entry to reflect the theme of a Genre.
* You will not be able to change the Genre once you have set it as Adult or Affiliate.
* Your rankings will be reflected in the respective genre the day after you change the genre.


You can choose to join or not join a ranking list for each genre.
*Your choice will be reflected the day after the change is made.


Here you can set the standard time to the timezone of your choice.

E-mail Notices

Here you can choose to receive E-mail notifications any time there is a comment or trackback left on your blog.
You can set the address that you want notices sent to in the notice section.

A confirmation E-mail will be sent the new address if you change the notification E-mail address. Your E-mail address update will be complete once you have followed the links in the confirmation E-mail.

Approval URLs / Deletion URLs

You can either approve or delete comments or trackbacks by accessing these URLs,feel free to attach a URL to the content of the notification E-mail. Approval or deletion can also be done through the control panel.

Mail Form (FC2 Plug in)

In the Send Confirmation box for the Mail Form plug-in enter the number code (Captcha).

Please download and use the FC2 plug-in Mail Form. To add and set up, click here. (link to tome)

FC2 Blog Manual

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