FC2 Blog Specs.

FC2 Blog Specs.
08 /20 2014
Here you can check permissible file formats and what functions there are.

FC2 Blog Specifications
*These specifics are correct as of May 2014. Changes may have been made since thus altering specifications.

PC TemplatesFC2 Template: About 230 designs
User Template: Designs made public.
Template EditingNo limits on HTML/CSS. Can be written entirely in HTML. JavaScript also usable.
Plug in functionsTemplate parts can be removed/attached without editing HTML source
Blog CapacityBlog text ( Word limit): none 
CommentUp to 1000 comments for each article
TrackbackUp to 1000 trackbacks for 1 article
ArticlesHTML and JavaScript can be used. No limit on installation of videos and images. 
Draft Saving: Possible 
Number of articles displayed: Between 1 - 50 per archive. 
Article EditorInput Support Palette, WYSIWYG text editor screen (selectable)
Pictograph (Emoji)Available
Article PostscriptFunction that attaches "Read more" function
RSSNewest Articles, Comments, Trackbacks, Category and Tag specific broadcasts
All or partial broadcasting possible
(Will not be broadcast when in private mode)
Timed ArticleYou can set publish time or end time for an article. You can set the times for up to 30 postings a day.
Comment TrackbackCan set comments to private
When a comment is pasted after a month without a new article, a confirmation screen will appear when a comment is made and the comment will be put in line for confirmation after it has been posted.
ArchiveCan archive each type of article by category
Only one category can be set per article
Archive by the set tag or user tag
Can set up to 10 tags per article.
Uploadable File FormatsImage file: jpg/gif/png
Audio file: mid/mp3
Video file: swf
Others: ico/html/txt/css/js/rdf/xml/xsl.
 Image Thumbnail Form Functionsjpg/gif/png compatible.
Create a thumbnail of a set size when uploading an image.
Blog URLUser can choose blogID at time of registration
X is the allocated server number. Cannot be changed after registration 
*Currently, new registrations do not receive a server number
Log ExportTXT files equal to MT format.
Spam measures-Trackback limitations on non sponsored links
-Captcha settings when you comment (screen identification)
-Display of comment trackbacks after being removed 
-Limits on posting with ID and keyword. 
Affiliate UsageYes
Google AdSenseYes
Commercial UseYes
Adult ContentsYes (Set blog genre to "Adult")
 Effective period of logsNo limit. Logs will not be erased, even if updates stop. 

FC2 Blog Manual

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