Blog Friends

Blog Friends
10 /23 2014
Blog Friends allows you to link with other FC2 Blog Users. Send a request from the page of the user you want to be Blog Friends with and once your request is accepted you will be Blog Friends.

The following are the functions available to you and your Blog Friends*

  • You will be notified when your Blog Friend updates their blog
  • Send messages to your Blog Friends
  • Set your entries so that only your Blog Friends can read them

* You must allow for "Visitor History" recording in order to be able to use the Blog Friends functions.

Blog Friend Requests and Approval

Blog Friend Requests

First step is to check to see if there is a friend request link on the blog of the user you want to be Blog Friends with.


With the standard Blog Friend plugin the Blog Friend request link will be in the left side bar. If there is no Blog Friend Request link it is because they are not using the Blog Friend function.


Clicking on the Blog Friend Request link will display the Blog Friend Request form.


Send your request and then all you have to do is wait to have your request accepted!
Once your request has been accepted, your new Blog Friend will be added to the Blog Friend list which is accessible from your control panel.

Accepting a Blog Friend Request

Here we will explain how to accept or deny a friend request.

First, click on Blog Friends under Communication:


You will be notified of a Friend Request on the Blog Friend page, clicking on the Friend Request will open another page where you can choose to accept or deny the friend request. Accepting the request means that you will become Blog Friends and they will be added to your Blog Friends list. The Blog Friend request notification will not disappear until the request is either accepted or denied.

*There is no time limit on friend requests. No notification will be sent to the user if you deny their request.

Setting the Blog Friend Function

Attach the Blog Friend Request link

The Friend Request link requires a plugin;



You can attach the same plug in the Function Settings of either the Plugin control panel or Blog Friend control panel.


Terminate the Blog Friend Function


By terminating the Blog Friend function not only will you lose the Friend Request link but Blog Friend requests will also not reach you.
All you have to do is set the Friend Request to Disable and click Update, your existing Blog Friends will not be affected even if you disable Friend Request.
*The Friend Request form plugin will be immediately removed when you select Disable. The plug will not be restored when you re-enable the function and instead must be added again.

Remove Blog Friends

Here we will explain how to remove Blog Friends. Please be aware that if you wish to become friends again you will have to start by sending a Friend Request.


*Go to Communications > Blog Friends > List > Manage Blog Friends.


To remove a Blog Friend click on the Delete button next to the Blog Friend you would like to stop being Blog Friends with.

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