Message Blog Friends

Message Blog Friends
10 /27 2014
The message function allows you to send emails between you and your Blog Friends!


To get started, click on the message tab in the Communication menu.

Message Functions

The message function is constructed much in the same way as regular email software is.
Clicking on Write a Mail will open a page where you can write and edit your message, you can also save your message as a draft.


There will be five initial folders available for use, but you can also add your own folders.

Folder for emails sent to you.

Sent Mail
Folder for emails that have been sent

Folder for mail deemed to be spam

Emails that have not been sent, but saved are stored here. You can access and edit emails from this folder

Deleted sent emails will be placed into this box
*Emails deleted from the Trash folder will be completely erased.

Sending Emails


Click on the Write a Mail button to open a new window where you can write your email.


Like regular emails, fill in the Subject area and then write your email. URLs written in the email will automatically be linked, however, images cannot be added to the text and files cannot be added. HTML also cannot be used. By clicking on the Save as Draft button, your email will be saved to the Draft folder without being sent.

Please keep in mind that emails can only be sent to Blog Friends, if you do not have any Blog Friends then no addresses will be available.


If you are happy with what you have written, click on Send to send your email.

Receiving Emails

When you receive an email a notification will appear next to Messages in the Communication menu.


Simply click on the email to read the contents.


Delete an Email

There will be a check box next to the subject of every email, you can group and move several emails together by first checking the corresponding boxes. Once you have selected the emails you wish to delete or move to the Spam folder, click on the Delete button to move the emails to the Trash folder.

Deleted emails will be moved to the Trash box but will still remain accessible until they are deleted from the Trash box. Please to delete emails from the Trash box to totally remove an email.

Creating a New Folder

There are 5 default folders available to all users but Users can create their own folders as well.
1) Click on Edit/Add Folders in the side menu.

2) Type in a name for the new folder and click Create to add your new folder.

3) To move emails to your new folder, first select the emails that you want to move and open the pull down tab call Moved to Folder and choose the folder to move to.

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