Visitor List

Visitor List
10 /23 2014
The Visitor List function allows FC2 Blog users to leave 'footprints' when they visit another account. You can change the Visitor List settings so that no footprints are left via the control panel.

Visitor History Settings

*First go to Settings > Blog Settings > Visitor History



When you are logged in and access another FC2 Blog, your visit will be recorded as visit history on their control panel.
*Visit records can only be seen by the blog's administrator.

History Settings

If you choose to leave history of your visit, your blog URL and profile will be recorded as visitor history on the control panel of the site visited. If you have multiple FC2 Blogs, then the most recently logged in blog (with cookies) will be used.

Exclusion Settings

Here you can choose whether visits will be recorded when adult FC2 Blogs or affiliates visit your site.
If you don't want viewing history for these areas to be recorded set this option to "No".

Visitor List

*Communication > Visitor List


The Visitor List is a list of other FC2 Blog users that have visited your blog.
Visits will not be recorded if the FC2 bloggers are logged out or have set their settings to "Don't leave viewing history". Blogs registered as being adult blogs can choose to be excluded.

Blog Friends

Click on Blog Friends button for the visitor you want to add as a Blog Friend.

Add to Links

The visitors URL will be added to your blog's link list.

Delete Footprint

Remove viewing history from the Visitor List.

You can delete all records simultaneously by clicking on "Choose All" then clicking on "Delete All".


Only one entry will be added per visitor in a day. Multiple entries for the same visitor on the same day will not be recorded.

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