Blog Clap & FC2 Clap

Blog Clap & FC2 Clap
10 /22 2014

What is the FC2 Clap function?

The Clap function allows you to leave a Clap for a blog or entry. They can be used to show agreement or that you enjoyed a certain blog entry or just as a way to show that you read the blog entry.


The clap button is at the end of each entry and each Clap will be added together and displayed as a total.
(Claps can be set so that they are only visible to the blog administrator)


Let's have a look at the screen from the perspective of the person clicking on the Clap button.
Clicking on the button is all it takes to leave a Clap.


Once you have clicked on the Clap button at the end of an entry, the above page will be displayed.
The total number of claps for the blog is titled "Total Clap Counts" and the number of claps for the entry is titled "This entry's clap counts". By opening the link called "FC2 Blog User Clap Page" you can see the total overall statistics for the blog. Also, using the window at the bottom titled "Post a comment to this entry" you can send a Clap comment up to 500 characters long.


*You cannot Clap more than once on an entry that you have already Clapped for.

Overall Blog Claps, FC2 Blog User Clap Page


A list of comments made and total clap statistics are displayed on the Clap top page. From this page you can Clap for the whole blog as opposed to just clapping for a single entry.

Linking your FC2 Blog and FC2 Clap

You can run your FC2 Blog and FC2 Clap side by side if you have registered the same FC2ID for them http://clap.fc2.com/en/. FC2 Clap is a service that can be used independently, but will work in unison with your blog if registered under the same ID.

Once you registered your FC2 Clap, you will be taken to the FC2 Clap screen. Clap comments and functions are exactly the same as the Blog Clap.

To learn more about FC2 Clap click here FC2 Clap.

Clap Comment


You can leave a short comment once you have sent someone a clap, be mindful that unless you have set your comments to "Private" anyone can see your comment.

The blog administrator can then choose to individually reply to comments made. (jump on page)
Please refer to the image below on how to set your comment to public or private.


Managing the Clap Function

Here will explain how to alter settings and manage FC2 Clap functions from the blog control panel.


First, click on Blog Clap in the "Communication" list on the left side of the blog control panel. From here the blog administrator can manage the claps for their blog.
The following is a list of the main settings and items of management:

See statistics for a specific time or article
You can split the data into today/yesterday/1 week/30 days to see the number of Claps in more detail.


Delete a Clap comment/ Read private comments/ Respond to a comment


Clap Settings


Allow Claps

Choose whether you want to allow Claps for your blog or not.

Clap Data Display Settings

Choose to display or hide the total number of Claps on the Blog Clap Page - the screen that appears after you Clap.
* You will still be able to check Clap data from the control panel even if you choose to hide the data.
This will not hide the number of Claps displayed on the Clap icon. If you would like to hide the number of Claps on the icon please choose the "No clap number button".

Allow Clap Comments

Choose whether to accept comments when someone Claps.

Publicize Comments

Choose whether to publicly display received comments.

Set Comment Notifications

Choose whether to notified when a comment is left. The notification will be sent to your designated email.

Display the Clap button / Types of Icon

Choose whether to display the Clap button at the end of each individual entry.


Respond to a Comment

The administrator can reply to comments individually.

*Click on "Write" from the Clap comment list.


*Write your reply and click on "Update".
Your reply will be displayed if the screen is set to public.

FC2 Blog Manual

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