Manage Communities

Manage Communities
10 /22 2014
Blog Community is a function that links FC2 Blog users, with a blog community you can meet and interact with other users through your blog control panel.

This page will explain how to set up a new community and become the administrator, or transfer administration rights to other members, which is handy to know if you choose to leave your community.


Making a New Community

Before you make your new community, please check that there are no other communities that already handle the same theme as your new community. Flooding users with similar communities makes things difficult for the users and as such communities may be re-organized or deleted.

First step, enter your community information,


Here you can set your community name, introduction, administration authority and set the level of privacy. Items including the outline, administration authority and privacy settings will be displayed in the Community Introduction. Please keep in mind that this introduction can be edited and updated at any time.

Set Topic


The administrator does not have to be the one to set the topic if they give members of the community the authority to create topics. However, we recommend that administrators set the topic first to make it easy for other members to get involved.

Managing Members

As the number of community members increase, so does the chance that some community members may bother other members or that there will be members who are just not welcome. In these cases, the administrator can remove members from the community or ban them from applying to join the community. If you are the sole administrator and managing unwelcome members has become difficult you can appoint a vice administrator from the community participants.

You can manage members for each individual community first open Joined Communities and click on Manage for the community you want to manage.


Community administrators can carry out the following to community members:

-Transfer administration authority.
Here you can step aside as the community administrator. A notice will be sent to the candidate and if there is no reply within 3 days the offer will become invalid.
You cannot void accepted transfers. The candidate will have to transfer authority back to you if you want to be the administrator.

- Appoint or remove a vice administrator.

You can appoint a member as the community vice administrator. An email will be sent to the candidate and if there is no reply within 3 days the offer will become invalid.
The vice administrator can edit and delete topics and comments just like the administrator.
The administrator can relieve the vice administrator at any time.

- Remove members

You can remove community members, but removed members can still apply to join the community again. To completely block them you must set them as a banned user.

- Ban users

To block banned members from re applying to join the community, they must be listed as banned members. You can do this by adding their Blog ID to the text box and click on "Settings".

- Blog ID

The Blog ID can be found in the Blog URL. e.g. http://blog11.***.com, here the *** represent the Blog ID. Users must first be removed from the community before they can be banned.

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