Post Settings

Post Settings
10 /27 2014
This article will discuss how to set your own default settings for items available to you when editing an entry, writing a new entry or managing one.
Items set as default will automatically be applied when the editing screen is opened and can be adjusted to fit your needs for each entry.

To change your post settings go to Settings > Blog Settings > Post Settings.

Post Settings

Post Settings

Editing Area Size

Here you can set the height of the post entry box and postscript box.

Real Time Preview

Set the position of the real time preview window or choose to hide it.
*The real time preview function is not available on Safari.

Draft Autosave

By turning this function on your new entries will be saved as a draft at 30 second intervals which means that you can backup your posts and access them if you accidentally delete your entries or they are deleted due to an error.

Default Category

This is the default selected category. This setting can be adjusted for each individual entry.

Entry Status

This is the default level of privacy.

Comment / Trackback

Default Comment / Trackback settings. Choose to accept or deny either comments or trackbacks.

Convert Line Breaks

A setting that allows automatic new lines. The
tags are automatically set in a repeating pattern.

Update Notice

A setting that displays a notification when new entries are posted.

Image Link

You can choose to set a link that will open for an image with the img tag.

Thumbnail Image Size

Set the size of the thumbnail when you upload an image. You cannot create a thumbnail if the original image is smaller than designated size of the new thumbnail.


Choose whether to add a file to an album when you upload a file.

Change User Tag

Default setting that enables or turns off keyword links found in the entry. User tags can be set for each entry.

User Tag Position

Choose the display position of user tags in the user tag entry window of the entry editing screen.

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