Category Settings

Category Settings
10 /28 2014
Setting categories is a way of classifying and grouping entries that share similar topics. Adjusting the category to reflect the contents of the entry makes it easier to search for past entries.

Category Settings

Click on Edit Category

Adding, editing, deleting, ordering categories can be done by going to Settings > Categories.

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Adding a Category

Add category

To add a category, type in the name of the category you want to add into the Add Category form and click Add.

By designating the insert position, you can place the new category into the middle of an existing list. If no position is designated the new category will automatically be moved to the bottom of the list.

You can also add a new category directly from the entry edit screen.

Edit a Category

The following is an ordered explanation of the editable items for existing categories.

Category settings

# (Check box)

You can simultaneously manage and edit a number of entries by clicking on the corresponding check box. By clicking on the Select All all check boxes will be checked and Clear all Selected will clear all checked boxes.
Clicking on the (#) will display the category number, which is the order that categories are displayed in.

Category Name

You can edit category names by rewriting the already existing category names and clicking on Revise.

Sub Category

By checking the corresponding check box in the Sub column, that category will be treated as a sub category.


Counts is the number of entries posted under that category.
By clicking on the symbol the RSS for every category will be displayed in a separate window.


You can arrange the order of categories by clicking on the up/down arrows.
This will show as the order of the category list for the plugin.


Instead of moving single categories one by one, this option allows you to move several categories at the same time as a group. Please check the order after entering the order numbers and clicking Move.


Delete a category.

Entries belonging to a deleted category will not be deleted.
*Unclassified categories cannot be deleted, please change the name before deleting them.

Parent / Sub Category Function

Parent / Sub Category Classification

This function allows you to easily manage categories that share similar properties.

Sports (10) < Total of entries for sub categories. - e.g. 5 + 2 + 3 = 10
►Baseball (2)
►Soccer (3)

In the example Sports is the parent category and Soccer and Baseball are the sub-categories.
The sub category entries will also be displayed when the Sports category page is opened (blog-category-XX.html).

The number of entries is the sum of sub category entries and the parent category's entries

The number of entries next to the parent category is a sum of the entries of the parent category and sub-categories.

How to Set Parent and Sub Categories

Just by checking the corresponding "Sub" check box for each category on the Edit category page will set that category as a Sub-category.

(*Changes will not be set until the Revise button is clicked)

If a category is not marked as a sub category it will automatically become a parent category.
Sub categories will belong to the nearest parent category that is above it on the list. Clicking on the up / down arrows allows you to move sub categories to other parent categories.

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