Limit Access / Private Mode

Limit Access / Private Mode
10 /28 2014
This is an entry about Private Mode and Restricting Access to Specific Entries.

Private Mode

Private mode allows you to hide an entire blog by putting a password on it.
Private mode is an excellent way to limit viewing of your entries to certain people or groups, any other parties will not be able to access your entries without the correct password.

Some possible reasons for using Private mode may include:
- Blogs for your family
- Personal Diary
- Setting plans for an event with your friends
- Keeping in touch with your sports team
- Swapping diaries

This is also a handy function to use temporarily while you adjust your blog design or undergo maintenance.


*The above image is an image of the password entry screen that will be displayed when accessing a URL for a private blog.

Once you have accessed the browser, your details will be recorded by a cookie so you won't have to enter in the same details next time.
*Please be aware that cookies on computers at schools or net cafes may record your data.
To logout, add ?logout to the end of your blog URL before accessing it.
e.g http://blogID.fc2.com/?logout

*Ping and RSS feeds will not operate if private mode is activated.
*You can receive RSS information and Ping update information before activating private mode.
We recommend saving entries as drafts if you do not want them to be seen or displayed in a search engine.

Enabling Private Mode

privacy 2

1) Go to Settings > Access Settings > Privacy Settings > Private
2) Set password
* Private mode will not work unless both of the above are set ( 1 and 2 ).
3) Click Update to finish

The Message window is where you can write the message that will be displayed on the password entry screen. This item can be left blank.

*Be aware that Blog friends will not be able to read articles that were restricted to Blog Friends-Only when you are in private mode.

*If the password to access your blog and the password for restricted articles is the same, users may be able to read restricted articles if you enter the blog password.

Set Password for an Entry (Restricted Entry Password)

Set a password for Password for Restricted Opened Journal to be used to access restricted entries.

*You cannot set multiple passwords, or individual passwords for each entry. The password set here will be the password to be used for all restricted entries.

Passwords set here will not be applied directly to an entry so please be sure to check the box for limited access on the entry editing page before you post it.

Also, if the password for your blog and password for restricted articles is the same, limited articles will be displayed when a blog in private mode is signed in to. To prevent this from happening please use different passwords.

privacy 3

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