Profile Settings

Profile Settings
10 /29 2014
Learn how to set your profile pic. and write your introduction for your profile.

Editing Your Profile

First off, add the plugin called "Profile" by clicking on Plugin > Add Plugin > Profile.
Once you have added the plugin go to Settings > Profile.


Introduce Yourself

Your introduction can be found under the variable %introduction2 on your template's HTML.
HTML can be used for your introduction, there will also be repeated automatic line breaks. (br tags)


The URL for the uploaded profile image will be under the variable %image. If you would like to use images that have already been uploaded or images from external sites please past the image's URL here.


Click on the Upload button and select an image from your own computer to be used as your profile image. Gif, jpg(jpeg) and png formats are supported.
Your uploaded image will be stored in the same place as other files. To delete or change the name please go to the File Management page.

Trim an Image

You can change the size of your image by adjusting the pixel value at the time of uploading.

Set Your Profile Picture to Default

Click on "Do not want to display a profile image" to reset your profile picture, where it will be replaced with "No Image".

Your image will not be deleted though and can be replaced by putting in the correct URL into the URL box.

Blog Administrator Name

The name that will be displayed on your profile will be the name entered into Display Name under User Info.

*Adding a plugin

*Profile display may vary between templates.

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