Terms of Use Infringements and Action Taken

Violation of Terms of Use and Acts Taken
10 /29 2014
Please be sure to read the Terms of Use thoroughly before registering as the conditions of use, prohibited acts and disclaimers are explained in detail.

The Terms of Use may be changed or altered to fit the needs of FC2 Blog management without any notification. By registering an account with FC2 Blog you will be deemed to be doing so in consenting with the Terms of Use. We ask that you regularly check the Terms of Use.

Terms of Use, Privacy Policy

Terms of Use

The Terms of Use is deemed to be a type of contract. The Terms of Use lists the conditions of usage of a service.

FC2 Blog Terms of Use
FC2 Terms of Use

Privacy Policy

For more information on personal information handling click Privacy Policy

Freeze on Blog

Your FC2 Blog may be frozen without prior notice if an act that violates or infringes either the FC2 Terms of USe or FC2 Blog Terms of Use is carried out by the user.

The main reasons for a blog being frozen are listed as below:

- Spamming of other users
- Adult contents displayed in a non-adult genre area
- Displaying of images deemed to be child pornography
- Other violations of the Terms of Use

Furthermore, your blog may be frozen in the following cases, even if there is no issue with your blog.

- Spam sites are being created by the same person
- Violations of the Terms of Use of other FC2 Services or spamming by the same person

In the case of a spam blog, the freeze cannot be removed, this applies for blog users who had no intention of spamming.

Spam Definition

The following acts will be deemed as spam:

- An excessive number of blogs created under multiple accounts held by the same person
- Blogs with the sole purpose of being affiliates
- Blogs with the sole purpose of guiding users to a specific site
- Blogs with the sole purpose of pasting links to shopping sites
- Blogs with the sole purpose of increasing SEO
- Blogs that have been reported by a third party
- Blogs with corrupt or dishonest SEO measures
- Affiliates posted in automatically created text (word salads)
- The pasting of a large quantity of unrelated links
- Corruptly accepting incoming links (link programs, etc.)
- When webpages with the same content exist in large numbers
- Blogs with hidden text or overuse of keywords

If your blog is frozen without corresponding to any of the freeze conditions, or you are simply unsure why your blog was frozen, please make an inquiry with the inquiry form below.

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