What is the Album Feature?

What is the Album Feature?
12 /08 2012
The album feature is a way to easily display your uploaded image files. Also if you click an image inserted in an entry you will be taken to that image's album.


Click here to see sample album:Sample Album

Default Album

The default album page (Top Page) is the page that will be displayed when you access the URL, http://(BLOGID).blog.fc2.com/imgs/.

You can set which album will be your default album if you have more than one album.
Please click the following link to learn how to set a default album: Adding Files to Albums

*Users who have a server number in their URL after "blog", please type the server number as well.
*Clicking on images in a blog entry of blogs with the Album function will take the User to the album.
*URL of files added to an album when inserted to an entry will be http://(BLOGID).blog.fc2.com/img/(File Name)/

Merits of the Album Feature

  • Computers supported.
  • Ability to select which files will be added to the FC2 Album.
  • Uploaded files can be added or removed from the album en masse.
  • .jpg .gif .png files are supported.
*Clicking on a image will enlarge it.

Computer Display


*Click on Album List to see a list of your albums.
album set1

*Click on the encircled "i"to see the album's details.
album set2

*Clicking on this symbol will display your SNS buttons.
album set3

*The calendar allows you to see which photos were uploaded each month.
album set4

*Single Photo Display
album set5

- Click on the image to enlarge it.

album set6 album set7

Album Links on Blogs

Please change the following variables on your template to attach links to your albums on your blog.

*Template List Page's Variables

<a href="<%url_album_index>">Album List</a>

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