Adding Files to Albums

Adding Files to Albums
05 /02 2012
The Album Feature can be used for both newly uploaded files and files which have already been uploaded.

You can add or remove multiple files simultaneously from the "Upload Files" page.

Files that can be added to the Album

The following files can be added to the album.

add 1

Supported File Formats

Create an Album

Access the Album Management page and create an album by first clicking on "Create Album", here you can set the name, background colour and privacy settings.

Privacy SettingSettings Page
PublicViewable by all.
Password RestrictionViewable after a password has been entered.
Blog Friends OnlyOnly Blog Friends can view the album.
PrivateOnly the Blog Admin can view the album.

*You can make up to 10 albums
* Album Name must be 1 to 50 characters.
* Password must be 1 to 20 characters (in English characters).
* 200 Images allowed per Album.
Please view albums from your computer for best results.

Editing Albums

Once you have created an Album you can edit it from the Album Management Page、just click on Edit in the Edit column.


  • Change Privacy Settings
  • Change Album Name
  • Add or Remove Images
  • Change Album Display Order

Adding newly uploaded files to the Album

To choose a photo to upload to your album first click on Upload Files on the left hand of the control panel, then click File, then find the photo you want and click on Upload.


You can choose which album the photo will be uploaded to by using the Album pull down menu.

Adding multiple uploaded files to the Album

You can upload multiple items and individually allocate images to specific albums by checking the "Add to album" tab.


Adding Previously Uploaded Files to an Album

1)Go to the ""Album Management" and click the edit button.


2)Click the button "Add Already Uploaded Image."


3)Then, check the images you want to add and click "Save."

Remove Uploaded Files from an Album

1)Go to the ""Album Management" page and click the Edit button.


2)Check the images you want to remove and click "Cancel Selected Images."

album delte

Delete an Album

From the Album Management page, click on the check box next to the album you want to delete then click on "Bulk Deletion".
*Images will not be deleted even if the album is deleted.

album delete

Change display order in the Album

1)Go to the ""Album Management" and click the edit button.

2) Enter the number you want to the order to reflect and click "Update Display Order"

Change the Default Album

1)Go to the ""Album Management" and choose the Album to be as default and
click "Change Default Album."

Change Background Colour

You can change the background colour to either Black or White.

background colour





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