Register a FC2 Blog!

Register a FC2 Blog!
12 /08 2014
Users Without a FC2ID

Please go to FC2 and click on Sign Up.
Enter your email address and the numbers to apply for temporary registration. An email will be sent to the supplied address, please click on the link in the email to complete registration.

Users With a FC2ID

First, please log in to FC2 then click on Add Services on the left hand side of the screen. Find FC2 Blog and click on Add this service to complete your registration.


You can either log in from FC2ID or from the FC2 Blog portal.

Log in from FC2ID


First, click on Log in on the left hand page of FC2ID.


Type in your registered email address and password then click Log in. If you do not want to have to type in you email address and password every time, check the box for "Keep me logged in".


Once you have logged in, you will see a list of services that you have registered for, you can log in to your registered services from this list. To log in to the control panel for your blog click on the hammer mark in the control panel column.

Log in From the FC2 Blog Page

First, click on the Log in on the FC2 Blog portal page. Enter you FC2ID (or FC2ID email address) and your password (same as your FC2ID password) and click Log in.

If you log in from the FC2 Blog portal page you can either enter your email address or Blog ID.

- Blog ID - This is the ID registered when registering a Blog ID, it is the blog name that makes up a part of your URL).
- Email address - Email address registered to your FC2 ID

*You can access all of your registered services after logging in to your FC2 ID page making it easy to manage multiple services at once.

What is a Blog ID?

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You can confirm your Blog ID from the blog control panel. This is the ID registered when registering a Blog ID, it is the blog name that makes up a part of your URL.

blogXX is the server number.

*Current as of July 26, 2012, new members may not have a server number in there blog URLs.

http:// BLOGID .blogXX.fc2.com/

Forgot Password

A new password will be issued if you cannot remember your password.

Please click on the link to get a new password: Forgot Password

FC2 Blog Manual

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