Adding an Image or Photo

Adding an Image or Photo
10 /31 2014
This article will explain how to add single or multiple images to your images.

How to Add an Image from the Entry Edit Screen

You can add multiple images to a single entry as well as being able to add images through the post script window. Images must be uploaded to be able to be added to a blog entry.

1. When writing a new entry (or editing one) your image will be inserted into the entry text.


2. Move your mouse pointer over the place you want to add and click then click on in the tool bar.


3. Images that you have uploaded will be displayed in a separate pop up window.
Select the image you want to add from the list and click on "Post entry with this image". If there is a thumbnail you can also click on "Post entry with thumbnail".


4. Your image will be added as HTML to where your cursor is on the entry window.
You can add more than 2 images to the same area.


*To remove pictures that you have added just remove the corresponding HTML.
Click here for information on how to add videos to your blog: Add Videos

HTML Tags for Images

HTML tags for images will be displayed as listed below:


a href=..

The image is linked so that only the image will open up in another window. You can also adjust the HTML so that the image becomes a thumbnail in the entry and will enlarge when clicked on.
If you do not need these features please remove the tags.


By setting [_blank] your image will open in a separate window.

img ..

This is the HTML tag that displays an image. As long as you have this tag your image will be displayed.


The text from the title of an image uploaded to the Manage Files page will be inserted here. This text will be displayed if the image does not display properly or if it is still loading.

Upload a File

To be able to upload images, photos, illustrations, graphs, etc. they must first be uploaded to your control panel.

The following is a list of files that are allowed to be uploaded to FC2 Blog.

Image Files - jpg / gif / png
Audio Files - mid/mp3
Video Files - swf
Other - ico / html / txt / css / js / rdf / xml / xsll

RAW files used for single-lens digital cameras and images edited in Abode Photoshop saved as PSD as well as other file formats will not be displayed.

File Size (Capacity)

The maximum size supported for files uploaded to FC2 Blog is 2MB. If the file size is too large please use the editing tools to trim down the image and either shrink the display size (pixels) or change the compression rate to shrink the capacity.

FC2 Image Shrink Tool

You can use the FC2 Image Shrink tool (http://r.fc2.com/en/) even if you do not have the image editing tools on your PC.


Select your image and enter size dimensions then download your new image. Your new image will be saved to your computer.

Upload to Your Server

Open Uploaded Files

The following items are the 2 ways to open the tool to upload files.

Click on File Upload in the Home Menu


Click on When Typing an Entry


1) Select File
Internet Explorer / Safari:
Click on Select File to choose the file to upload.
*The drag and drop file is not supported for Internet Explorer or Safari.

GoogleChrome / Firefox:
You can either click on Select File to choose your file or you can drag and drop the file you want to upload.

2) Same Filename
If a file is uploaded that shares a name with an already uploaded file, you can choose to either overwrite the existing file or change the name of the file you want to upload.


3) Thumbnail

Create a thumbnail or adjust the size of one, please keep in mind that thumbnails can only be created with .jpg, .gif and .png images. Also thumbnails cannot be created if the original image is smaller than the dimensions of the thumbnail.

Editing Thumbnail Size

First go to Settings > Blog Settings > Post Settings > Thumbnail Image Size where you can set the width and height. The default dimensions for defaults are 120px X 120px. Thumbnails for images that were already uploaded will not be changed if you update size settings. Please re load an image if you would like to adjust the size of thumbnail for an image that was uploaded.

4) Album

You can select which file to save your uploaded images to or you can create a new file to save your images to.


5) Confirmation Message
This setting allows you to set a confirmation message after clicking upload.



6) Title

This is the alt-attribute, the message that will be displayed when the image is loading or the image cannot be displayed.

7) Add to Album

Choose whether to save your uploaded image to an album or not.

8) Cancel

This button allows you to remove a file before you fully upload it to your blog.

Old-File Upload Screen

Choose the file you would like to upload from your own computer.


Once you have accessed the upload tool, click on Select File then click on the file you want to upload from your computer and click Open.

Multiple Files

Clicking on Multiple Files will allow you to select 6 items. Setting options and adjustments will be applied to all uploaded files.


This will be the alt attribute. This text will be displayed when the image is loading or if the image is not displayed.


Checking the Create Simultaneously will mean that thumbnails for images will all be the same size as per the dimensions you set.

Files with the Same Name

If a file is uploaded that shares a name with an already uploaded file, you can choose to either overwrite the existing file or change the name of the file you want to upload.

Uploaded Files


Files uploaded correctly will be displayed as a list. You can change files names or remove files from this list.

Uploaded Images Displayed Sideways

Data for photos taken on digital cameras and smartphones will be saved as Exif. This format determines the orientation that the image will be displayed and may mean that the image will be facing the wrong way. In this case, delete the Exif file and re upload it. There are many types of software that can be searched for and downloaded that can be used to delete image data (Exif).

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