Send a Trackback

Send a Trackback
11 /06 2014
A Trackback (TB) is a function that links your entry and displays a part of it to another entry that has similar content, you can also use Trackbacks on your old entries.


When writing your entry, enter the Trackback URL for the entry that you want to Trackback(link) and hit Save whereby a Trackback Ping will be sent to the owner of the blog you want to Trackback to.

How to Send a Trackback


1) Confirm the Trackback URL of the entry you want to link.
The Trackback URL is not the same as the entry's URL. The Trackback link should be displayed at the bottom of the entry you want to Trackback to however, if there is no Trackback URL it is because that entry does not accept Trackbacks and cannot be linked.

2) Entering another user's entry's Trackback URL to your own blog entry.
Please enter the Trackback URL into the Trackback option in the Entry Settings when either writing a new entry or editing an old one.

The number of Trackbacks that you can simultaneously send for a general blog is 5, if you would like to send more, please send the remaining trackbacks after sending the first 5.
*Adult Blogs have a limit of 3, if you would like to send more please send in lots of 3.

To add Trackbacks to past entries, go to Past Entries in the Home menu and click on Edit for the entry you want to add a Trackback to. Then add the Trackback URL in the Trackback area in the Entry Settings.

You can see what Trackbacks have been sent by clicking on Sent in the Trackback option in the Entry Settings. Please be sure to not send multiple Trackbacks to the same recipient.
*Some accepted Trackbacks may not display immediately depending on the linked server.

We are not able to cancel accidentally sent Trackbacks. If you do happen to accidentally send a trackback please send an email to the administrator of the linked blog and ask them to remove the trackback.

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