Template Settings

Template Settings
11 /10 2014
This entry will explain how you can set and adjust settings for your template. To get started go to the Blog Control Panel and click on Templates in the Settings menu.


Manage Templates

This is the page where you change your template and edit the HTML or CSS.

Download FC2 Template

Choose a new template from the list of templates provided by FC2.

Download User Template

Select and download a new template created and uploaded by users.

Register a Template

You can register a template created by you through this page or you can delete or edit a template that has already been registered. Registered User Templates are available to all users.

Add and Manage a Template

All templates that have been added by you will be displayed in a list. You can choose which template you want to use from this list as well as change the HTML or CSS. The template with the flag icon () is the template that is being used.

- You can check how your blog will be displayed in a different template by clicking on the name of the template in the list. (*The template will not be applied.)
- Templates that have an X next to them in the Plugin Compatible column means that plugins on that template are not supported.
- Copied templates will be displayed as TemplateName_(Number).

To change your template, click on the check box () next to the template you want to use and click Apply.

*Your template will not be changed if you do not press Apply.


Adding a FC2 Template

FC2 Templates are templates that are designed, edited and monitored by FC2. Go to the Download FC2 Template page and click on Download to open the download window then click Download again to add the template to your list. An added template will replace the current one in use and must be applied by selecting it from the list in the Manage Templates page and clicking on Apply.


There will be 10 templates per page displayed and you can sort them by date of registration or search for a template using the creator name.

Downloading a User Template

A User Template is a template that has been created and uploaded by a user and made available for use. To add a User Template go to the Download a User Template page and click on Download for the template you want. A download window will open for that template, from here click Download again and the template will be added to your list.


You can limit search candidates by layout, background colour, images, design orientation, etc.

The item Columns in the layout list means how many columns a blog layout is broken up into to.
Templates with sidebars on either side are 3 column template, while templates with only one sidebar are 2 column templates and templates without sidebars are 1 column templates. There are also templates with abnormal columns.

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