Registering a User Template

Registering a User Template
11 /06 2014

Before Registering Your Template



First, please select the template you want to register from the template list found in Template Settings. Make sure that you have finished editing your template before applying for registration. The name of your template will be registered under the name set here.
*You must edit the code of a downloaded template before being able to register it.

The HTML and CSS of the User Template shared by you will be exactly the same as the code in seen in the editing screen. Please thoroughly check that there are no personal access analysis tags or Google sitemap meta tags, personal data, affiliate banners, blog parts, etc.

*Blue arrow indicates Search Conditions, orange arrow indicates Template Description and red arrow indicates template thumbnail.

Applying for User Template Registration

Each of the application items will be displayed when your template is downloaded if your template is approved. While you don't have to fill out all of the items, it makes it easier for other users if there is more information available to them.


Template Name

Please select the template you wish to register from the pull down list of templates registered under Template Settings.
*You cannot change the template name here, please go back to the Template Settings page to change the name before applying for registration.


This will be displayed on the download page. We recommend writing about your template's special features so that more users will want to download your template.

Thumbnail Image

This will be the image for your template. You can either set the thumbnail as a capture shot of the whole screen or just the header and footer or cut out a part of the image. You do not have to set a thumbnail, but the template will not be displayed in New Arrivals if left blank.

Thumbnail Image , Layout Structure, Techniques, Base Color, User base

These are the settings for user template search conditions, please be sure to adjust these options to best reflect your template.

Release as an "Adult" template

This setting allows your User Template to be used for blogs marked as "Adult".

After Applying


Once you have finished and submitted the application form your template will undergo review by FC2. The status of your template will be displayed on the bottom of the template in the template list.
*If you would like to terminate review please remove your template.
The Edit button will become available once a template has been approved and registered. Click this button to perform maintenance and carry out improvements.

The examination process will take about a week, depending on the number of applications. You will be notified if your template fails review.

About User Template Examination

The review is to determine that there are no unlawful links, no harmful script in the source code, that it is not in violation of the Terms of Use and that the template is overall safe for other users to use. The design, coding and display are not checked and editing advice will not be provided. The creator of a template is to be responsible for checking these points.

Furthermore, templates that are using variables in a unique manner may malfunction if FC2 makes changes to FC2 Blog system's specifics. FC2 will not be liable for any malfunctions that may occur.
The source code for registered templates can be adjusted as needed.

User Template Guideline


You can edit and update your template once it has been registered!

Please be aware that even if you update, overwrite or delete your registered template, the templates already in use by other users will not be updated. However, links and images will be updated on downloaded templates if you overwrite them.

Fixing Your Code


Please carry out adjustments to HTML and CSS by accessing the Template Settings page.

Registered User Templates will usually be displayed underneath the template list.

* Template code changed on the Template settings screen will not adjust templates in use. Update application is required.

*Apply to Make Updates to Registered Template

If you have made to your registered template you must apply to make these changes so that they are applied to templates in use.


First, open the User Template Management Page. Your registered template will be under the application form. Click Edit here. You can also change your template introduction and thumbnail, etc. by submitting this form again. The changes made to HTML and CSS will be applied once you have made your application.

Freeze Your Template

There is an item on the application form for your registered templates called "Open Status", here you set your template so that is is temporarily unavailable for download. You can use this option if you want to supply a limited edition template or if maintenance is taking a while.

Removing Your User Template

Templates that have been downloaded by other users will remain even if you even if you delete your own template.
However, the template background and decorative images (img) are linked to items that were uploaded by the user who created the template and as such will be deleted when the template is removed.

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