User Template Guidelines

User Template Guidelines
11 /07 2014
Templates created by users must first be reviewed and checked by FC2 Blog staff before being registered. This article will provide a general explanation of registration requirements and checking standards.

Registered users shall hold copyrights to their own original templates in compliance with the Terms of Use.
Read the Terms of Use

The review standards for User Template registration are listed below, but please understand that the following explanations are an overall summary of the process and do not entirely reflect the whole process.

No Access Analysis or Counter Tags

Please be careful not to register your template with embedded tags such as Google sitemap authorization tags or blog parts used on your own personal sites.

External Links: Excessive Number of Commercial Links

The following are the 3 types of back links allowed in a template:

- FC2 Blog (Blog of user registering template)
- Sites other than FC2 Blog (Sites belonging to the user registering template)
- Links to sites with data and tools used to design the template

However, links that fall under the following items will be deemed inappropriate and the template will fail review.

- Pages that have nothing but advertisements (banners, adsense, etc.)
- Pages for search engine optimization
- Links that blatantly introduce products, guide product sales, excessive advertising, etc.
- Links to morally questionable sites

Link Display

If you would like to add links to your own site or to sites that were used to make your template, please add a description of the link.
E.g. (design by xxxxx)(template created :xxxx)

If we can determine that a link is one to your own site then there will be no problems displaying it.

Please be sure to separately display the title author and back link which are output between the advertisement variables (<%ad>).
Changing part of the back link to look like an official advertisement or placing it between <%ad><%ad2> shall be deemed to be inappropriate.

Do Not Use Public Template Images

The use of images used on public templates will not be accepted, however you can use emoji images from your own server for mobile templates. Please refrain from referring to external images other than those within the FC2 Blog domain.

Using Uploaded Images

As a rule, please try to use image files (jpg,gif/png) that have been uploaded to your blog when you add an image to your template. Templates will not be registered if the author has multiple FC2 Blogs and the FC2 IDs overlap.

Furthermore, images with permitted direct links used on other FC2 Blogs must be uploaded to the same account as the account used to make the registration application before being added to the template.

If you are using issued script, images that are called by the script will be allowed. e.g. Images that make up the "branch" parts of a list displayed like a tree.

Prohibiting of Designs Similar to Existing FC2 Blog Templates

Templates where only one part of the code for an existing template was changed will not be registered. Templates that are visually extremely similar to other designs will not be permitted.

Display Check on Multiple Browsers Before Registration

Web design display varies between the environment that it is viewed in. Please check how your template is displayed in different OS (Mac, Win) and different browsers (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc.).

Check for Unclosed Tags and Inclusion Property

Please check that all of your code is correct before applying for registration. A HTML checker can be used to help with your checking.

W3C HTML Validation Service

Check the Comment Function

Please also check that the functions all work properly, including the comment function.

Blocking Adult and Affiliates

You can block blogs that are registered as Adult or Affiliate from downloading your template.

Favicon Settings Banned

Templates with determined independent favicons will not be registered.

Template Makers Banned

Templates made in template makers (CSSEZ, etc.) will deemed to be not original and will not pass review.

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