About Plugins

About Plugins
12 /08 2014
A plugin is a small program that adds a function. Plugins on FC2 Blog are supplementary tools and functions that are usually added to the blog's sidebar.



You can easily individually manage, add, delete or change the order of the sidebar's list items or functions or parts made up of plugins. You can change the template without changing the source code so you don't have to be an expert in HTML. Most of FC2's templates support plugins.

Plugin management screen


*There is a PC Plugin section at the top of the Plugin management screen.

Template Plugin Support Status

The template in use will indicate whether they support plugins. Most FC2 templates support plugins. Plug in categories are grouped in 3 categories and some user templates only support one of the three categories.

Plugin Settings

If you disable plugin settings, plugins will not be enacted regardless of whether the template is supported.

List of Added Plugins

A list of plugins added to your blog, you can delete, hide or display added plugins.

Plugin Category

Plugin categories are broken into 3 groups and are displayed on your layout according to their category. Plugins from category 1 will be displayed in the right sidebar in a 2 column template. In a 3 column template, category 1 plugins will be displayed in the left sidebar and category 2 plugins will be displayed in the right side bar. In that case, by just moving a plugin category from 1 to 2 you can change the position without touching the HTML.
* Plugins may display may differ between templates.

Plugin Settings

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Adding and Setting Plugins

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