FC2 Plugin Overview

FC2 Plugin Overview
11 /10 2014
This article will provide an explanation for each of the major FC2 plugins (basic guidelines and extension plugins).


Latest Journals


A plugin that displays recent entries made to your blog. The entry will be displayed as (Entry Title (Post Date)) and each entry will be individually linked.

Latest Comment


A plugin that displays a list of the latest comments made. Comments will be displayed as (Comment Poster Name: Entry Title (Date Comment Arrived) and each entry will be individually linked. An anchor (#comment(+comment number)) will also be added.

Latest Trackbacks


The latest trackbacks will be displayed with this plugin. Trackbacks will be displayed as (Blog name for trackback: Entry title(Month and Day)) and each trackback will be individually linked to the entry.



Display a calendar on your blog with this plugin. Days with entries will be linked.

Monthly Archive


Display your monthly archive. Displayed as (Month and day of entry:(number of posts)) and links to all articles for a particular month.



Display your blog's categories as (Category name (number of posts)) and linked to each category page. You can also create parent-child categories and there are also category options available for customising.



Display links set by you on your control panel.

User Tags


This plugin displays user tags. You can sort them by count, by the latest or randomly.



Display your profile.

Search Form


Display a search form.

Display RSS Links


Display RSS links. *URLs that RSS readers are registered to.
Choose between the number of broadcasts as well as whether to display all text or just the top of an entry.

Display all Entry Link


Display a link to a page with a list of all entries (/archives.html).
If there is no blog titleist_area for your applied template, the standard system page will be displayed.

QR Code


Display blog QR code.

Mail form


This is the mail form plugin. By setting this, viewers will be able to send messages from their blog. Your address will not be made known to the other party because it is sent through a mail form. (Cannot reply)

Messages sent by a mail form will be sent to the registered address of the blog administrator. (Address registered for FC2ID).

You can also display and use Captcha (character recognition software) to stop spam.

FC2 Blog Manual

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