Plugins: Editing and Management

Plugins: Editing and Management
11 /11 2014
This article will outline how to remove added plugins, edit plugins or change their display.

Managing Added Plugins

Plugin Category

There are 3 plugin categories which the plugins are broken into for display.


If your blog template is a 2 column layout then your category 1 plugins will be displayed in the right sidebar. If your template is a 3 column template, category 1 plugins will be displayed in the left sidebar and category 2 plugins will be displayed in the right sidebar. In this case, you can change the right/left position without touching the HTML by changing the plugin category.

Plugin Title

The plugin title is the title of the plugin that will be displayed on your blog.

To change the display name of a plugin, enter the new name of the plugin then click on Change.


Plugins that do not have the "Display" box checked will not be displayed. The plugin will not be removed and this feature can be used to temporarily hide the plugin. Checking and un-checking of the box will be reflected on your blog once you refresh the page. Added plugins will automatically set to display.


Move a plugin to another plugin category. There are 3 plugin categories, choose a category from the pull down menu and the changes will be reflected on your blog.


You can move the position of a single plugin by clicking on the up or down arrow. However, you cannot move plugins between categories with the up and down buttons.


You can also move a number of plugins at the same time instead of moving them one by one.
The numbers indicate the order that plugins will be displayed in. Click on Move once you have sorted the numbers for the plugins you want to move.


By clicking Details (Dtl.) in the Set. column you can view the details for a plugin. You can enter an explanation for the plugin as well as set the display position. Some plugins may also have unique plugin settings.


Delete plugins

Click on the X mark in the Del. column to remove a plugin. You cannot restore plugin settings if you remove a plugin.

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