Using the Free Area Plugin

Using the Free Area Plugin
11 /11 2014
The free area plugin is a plugin that users can freely use. The free area plugin is different to other plugins in that it will not operate if left empty.

The plugin will show up on your blog after editing code and adding text to the free area. As opposed to editing the template HTML, you can use freeware to change parts of the free area. Free area content will not be affected even if you edit the blog template. You can freely edit the free area plugin to display blog sidebars, link collections or set blog parts.

Using the Free Area

Add a Free Area


First add the free area plugin from the FC2 plugin list.

You can insert code when you add the plugin through the "Change the content in a free area" then click "Add" or you can also edit the free area plug in after adding.

To edit the free area after adding it, click on the Dtl. button in the Settings column to access the edit screen. The editing screen will be the same as the one seen when the free area screen is first added.

HTML Editing

Text and code entered into the contents window for the free area plugin will be activated and as such you there is no real need to edit HTML.

The following code will be there as default when you open the Edit HTML window.

<span style="background-color: rgb(204, 255, 204);"><div class="plugin-freearea" &align>

Free area contents will be output as the variable &freearea. Please be sure to leave this variable if you would like to continue using the free area plugin.

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