12 /08 2014
You can change the template for your blog at anytime!
Download a new template to edit it and make your blog layout even better.

What is a Template

Templates are also known as skins and are displayed and used on FC2 Blogs according to their HTML and CSS. The HTML and CSS determines the layout, size and colour of font, background images, etc. While changes made to the template will affect how it is displayed blog parts and entries will not be affected.
(*There may be templates that do not support plugins, etc.).
Blog entries will not be deleted even if the template is removed.

FC2 Templates and User Templates

There are 2 major types of templates, FC2 Templates and User Templates. FC2 Templates are templates developed by FC2 staff and User Templates are registered templates that were created by users. User Templates are reviewed by FC2 staff before being registered. Any FC2 Blog user can use a registered User Template.

- Registering a User Template

- Template Settings

- Editing a Template

FC2 Blog Manual

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