Backing Up Entries / Files

Backing Up Data
12 /01 2011
In our FC2 Blog Terms of Use, it states that it is the User who takes back up of data relating that user so, we suggest you backup data periodically.

Backing Up Entries

You can backup data from the Tools area of the Blog Management Page.
From here you can download (export) your data as a text file (.txt). This file can be used if you accidentally delete a blog entry.

The data backed up is the Entry data (title and text), comments and trackback.
The uploaded images or music data will not be saved.

Please note that:
  • The .txt file will be a MT format compatible, FC2 Blog log.
  • The file will be encoded in UTF-8. So if you edit them at least you need a text editor supported UTF-8,
  • The data may not be shown properly if you open the file in Windows Notepad, etc.
  • Blog settings such as the template, profile etc. are not saved through this function.
  • If the file size is too big, downloading may not go well in such cases, please download by categories or by yeasr or months.

Select the Data to Back Up


You can download all entries or select the data by year, month category, user tag. * If you designate download by user tag, the saved text file will not contain user tag information.

Backing Up Files

See the File Backup area. You can download by 100 files each.
*You are unable to download all file at one time.


Backing Up Templates

Templates need to be backed up separately. This can be done from the Templates page and copying and pasting the HTML and CSS into a separate .txt file.



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