Managing My Shop (Amazon)

Managing My Shop (Amazon)
12 /08 2014

About My Shop

My Shop is a supplementary function that displays products from Amazon on your blog, to be able to use it you must complete registration to be an amazon associate.
You can paste tags from the Amazon site to your blog entries as well, but the My Shop function is much more convenient.

Amazon deals in books, CD, DVD, electrical appliances, toys, etc. and if a product that was introduced on your blog is sold, you will receive a set portion of the sale.

You can adjust settings for My Shop by clicking on Manage My Shop on the control screen.
* Consent by a parental or legal guardian is required for persons under 20.

What is an Amazon Associate?

The Amazon associate program is an affiliate provided by Amazon. It is a system where commissions are paid to associate members if a reader purchases a product after clicking on it on your blog. Using the My Shop function makes it easier to use the Amazon affiliate system.

You must first complete Amazon associate registration before using this function. FC2 has nothing to do with members , support, remuneration, product management, logistics, etc. Please be sure to read Amazon's terms of use and help section (amazon.com).

Registering to be an Amazon Associate

First off, you will need to register to become an associate through the Amazon site (amazon.com).
You will need an associate member ID to be able to use My Shop. You can introduce items and products on your blog without being a member but you will not get any compensation for the sales of those items.

- Amazon Affiliate Registration Page
*The Amazon associate program is not run by FC2, please make inquiries regarding member registration through the Amazon site.

Amazon Associate ID Settings

Please add your associate ID to the My Shop Management page, My Shop will not run properly with Amazon registration alone. Also, please be careful to make sure that there are no mistakes in the ID.

- ID entered here will be attached to code with plugins and entry tools.
- Your ID will be overwritten if you enter a different ID and hit Update.
- ID added to plugins will be changed following an ID being overwritten.
- ID for existing entries, etc. will not be changed, but a new ID will be applied to entries, etc. after it is changed.
- If the ID is incorrect or not entered, you will not be remunerated for the sale of any products.
- FC2 will collect commissions for sales if products are introduced without an ID.

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