Post a Product to Your Blog

Post a Product to Your Blog
11 /13 2014
This article will explain the two ways you can post products to your blog using the My Shop function.

Amazon associate registration is required to be able to collect commissions from sales as well as setting your registered associate ID in the My Shop plugin. Sales made without registration or an associate ID will not be considered for commissions.
For more information click on Managing My Shop.

Pasting Product Codes to an Entry

1. Choose the product from the product list in the My Shop plugin and click on the Write in Blog button.

*For information on associate IDs click : Manage My Shop
*For information on product lists click : Register Products to My Shop

2. Choosing the format the product will be posted in

You can choose to post a text link only (product name), small or large product image, or you can you can write a review which will be linked to the product. Once you have selected the format you want to use , the product will have automatically been inserted into the text area of a new entry.

* The associate ID set in the Manage My Shop page will automatically be attached to the code.


You can have several products listed in the same entry, however because My Shop will open new entries we recommend using the tool buttons to insert products when editing an entry.

Entering a Product List's Code When Creating or Editing an Entry

Click on the Amazon button in the tool bar of the entry edit screen to open My Shop, this button allows you to post a product any time and can also be used when editing past entries.


My Shop will open in a separate window and your lists will be displayed, but you can also search for new products and post them through this window.


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