Templates and Customizing

Templates and Customizing
11 /19 2014
While we have provided plnty of blog templates, you are also able to create your own template by editing the HTML and CSS of a template.

An example


What is a Style sheet (HTML and CSS)?

There are two types of files that can be customized, HTML and CSS. The HTML is the written content of your blog and the CSS is for the decoration. To change the content displayed change the HTML and to change the font size and background colour edit your CSS.

FC2 does not surprise support for the customizing of shared templates, please make inquiries with the creator of a shared template.

Editing a Template

This manual has used the template white_style.


Log in to the control panel > Template > Add Template and download and apply white_style. You can also search for the name white_style.
*Other templates may differ in layout.

For more information on editing templates, click here.

Before Editing Your Template

We recommend making a copy of your template before editing it. You can use your copy to compare or use if an error occurs.

Customizing Methods

Change Font and Background

Adding a Frame

2 or 3 Column Layouts

Adding a Counter

Set Up Access Analysis


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