Blog Vocab and HTML/CSS References

Blog Vocab and HTML/CSS References
11 /18 2014
The following is a list of resources that you can use when you come across a word that you don't understand in the manual.

I don't know what this word means,

There are plenty of words in the manual that you may not be familiar with, we recommend searching for these words in a search engine to find out what they mean and even if you don't understand all of the words you still won't destroy your server.

Google is an excellent place to start when looking up a new word.

I don't anything about tag

You can still write a blog even without knowing about tags, but there may be times when you would like to know the meaning of a tag so we suggest searching for them on the following sites.


About html

HTML Tag Ref.

HTML Explanation (Wikipedia)

Style sheet / CSS

Stylesheet Reference

CSS Basics

Style Sheet Language

FC2 Blog Manual

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