Import logs

Import logs
11 /18 2010
Here we will show you how you can import FC2 Blog/MT/Wordpress/ Blogger data backed up on your PC. You will be able to transfer your blog from other blog sites or move your blog within the FC2 Blog.

Import a log

Log imports on the control panel.

The following is a list of what can be imported to FC2 Blog.
Importing is supported for the following formats.

FC2 Blog log
Partial MT log
Wordpress export file (Export method)
Blogger export file

Importing and exporting within FC2 Blog is possible but please check that files are supported when importing from other services.


Select the file you want to import from your computer and click on the import button.
A message will appear to let you know when importing is complete.

*Imported entries will be shown in chronological order according to the date and time described on their log data.
*The same entries will be saved each time if you import the same entry. Entries won't be overwritten.
*Both comments and images can be imported from Blogger and WordPress.
*The maximum size of files imported from WordPress or Blogger is 2MB. If the file capacity exceeds 2MB please try yearly or monthly backup before retrying file importing.
*Comments and images cannot be imported in the MT format. Please upload individual images with file upload.
*If you import from another FC2 blog, if the entry remains the same images will not display anymore once you withdraw from the account the log was exported from. (This is because image URLs belong to the address of the original exported blog)

If the original blog logs are exported from is removed, re-upload the images and rewrite the URL for images within the entry.

Edit log files

Using the data backup downloaded blog data will be saved in text format (.txt). If you import this to the blog, you can move straight to the log.

You can edit your entry using the blog control panel once you imported what you want, but you can also open the txt. file and edit it directly. If the log data is very large, uploading that file may fail depending on the communication lines. If this occurs, you must open the log data and segment it.
( you can also create files segmented by month and category when you download them)

Log files may not open or the text will be corrupted if the editor does not support UTF-8. Below are several text editors that you can use.

Text editors for Windows
MKEditor for Windows - For beginners
Memo ++ - The more advanced text editor of the the Windows default memo

Text editors for Mac
mi - Tags will be colour coded when switched to html/css mode. Very light and highly suitable for source editing. Freeware OS9/OSX version available.
Jedit - Mac editor with a long history. Shareware OS9/OSX version available.

Log Data Format (FC2 Blog Format)

Let's look at the logs you have backed up with the text editors. Text will be in FC2 Blog format(MT compatible). The following are described for each single entry.

AUTHORName of blog author
TITLEEntry title
STATUSPublish / Draft
ALLOW COMMENTSAccept comments   Allow/ Block
CONVERT BREAKSAutomatic newline On(default)/Off
ALLOW PINGS Accept trackbacks On/Off
Category name
CATEGORYCategory name(Same as primary on FC2 blog)
DATETime and date of post
BODYBody of content
EXTENDED BODYAdded content
EXCERPTOutline of entry. Do not use on FC2 blog
KEYWORDSKeyword. Do not use on FC2 Blog

The scope of an entry's meta data starts with [AUTHOR:XXXX] and ends with continuous hyphens [-------]. If there is an unwanted entry, please remove the data including and between AUTHOR and ---- from the .txt file.
You can also change the order of entries.

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