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10 /11 2011
Q. Is FC2 Blog Free? Can anyone use it?
A. Individuals, organizations, for-profit corporations, anyone can use FC2 blog for free. Want to sign up? CLICK HERE

Q. Can I use any computer?
A. Please visit this page to check the system requirements.

Q. What will the URL be?
A. "http://(BLOG ID).blog.fc2.com/"
For Example: http://myblog.blog.fc2.com/

Q. Will my domain be supported?
A. No. FC2 does not support nor have any plans to support personal domains.

Q. How much content does FC2 Blog support?
A. There is no limit on characters in an entry! Up to 2 MB per file and a total file storage of 10 GB.

Q. Is there anything I can't do?
A. Yes. User's are prohibited from using another person's photo as their own, uploading inappropriate images or publishing another person's name or address without permission. Also, users are prohibited from engaging in any conduct, purposefully or not, which disrupts or upsets other users of FC2 services.
For more information please consult the Terms of Use.
**FC2 retains the right to judge prohibited conduct and take measures to delete any content or accounts as we see fit.

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